I am leaving Red Blossom Tea

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There’s another reason why I named this blog The Second Steep.

For the past decade, I have been working tirelessly to transform my family’s business from a small retail shop named “Yau Hing Co.” into the Red Blossom Tea Company. During that time, the company has expanded and elevated its tea and tea ware collection, launched a successful (and gorgeous) website, and renovated its storefront.

It certainly wasn’t an easy journey. The tea and ceramics that I selected for Red Blossom were intended to create one of the best tea experiences in this country. The descriptions I wrote and the photographs I took were meant to not only educate customers, but also share my own excitement for the discoveries that I was making.

But however much work I put in, I never felt I could get beyond a first steep with Red Blossom Tea. In other words, while I was able to release the surface aromatics of this tea, it was, for a number of reasons, not ready to deliver the depth of flavor, texture or finish I was looking for. I wanted to build a tea company that could – one that better reflects my vision for what a phenomenal tea company ought to be. I was looking for my own second steep.

So I have decided to move on.

This year, I will be leaving Red Blossom Tea Company to start a new tea venture. The Second Steep will not only be a way for me to communicate my tea and travel experiences, it will do so within the context of starting a wholly new tea company. There is some travel to Taiwan and China planned next month, and a lot of work trying to put the new company together on a shoestring. But I’m truly excited for what lies ahead.

I have met many wonderful people during my tenure at Red Blossom, and have had many wonderful interactions  along the way. I’d like to keep in touch. If you’re interested in my new project, please check back often – I will keep this blog updated as things begin to take shape. And if you haven’t yet done so, please subscribe to my newsletter – I’ll be using that to announce the new company when it launches.

I do not yet know what the name of the company will be. Nor do I have an idea of what teas or tea wares that company will carry. But I will, soon.


  1. Tim
    February 25, 2013

    Keep it up Peter! You are doing wonderfully and will continue to do amazing for the tea world. Bless ~ Toki

  2. Derek
    April 20, 2013

    I admire your bravery and wish you many blessings. I hope your travels are going well?

    Red Blossom hasn’t been updating their social media or site nearly as often since the announcement of your departure, which signals to me that you were pretty integral on that front. I always enjoyed the pictures and descriptions, both of which were priceless for someone like me who is on the other side of the country.

    I’m really looking forward to what your inspiration brings to the table insofar as your own venture is concerned. If you eventually plan on expanding back into more social media, I highly recommend Tumblr (it’s what I use to host my own site). You can get a lot of exposure that way, especially since it’s geared toward more of an intellectual and artistic crowd than, say, Facebook.

    Perhaps soon I will have three companies from whom I purchase my tea and teaware?


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